New control centre for the MKM factory fire brigade

  • MKM’s CEO Roland Harings hands over the new control centre  
  • Installation of a fully-fledged personal alarm signal system (PNG)
  • Great level of commitment and initiative from the fire brigade staff

Hettstedt, 3 July 2017. The MKM factory fire brigade brought its new control centre into service today. Fitting out the control centre with the latest technology was conducted as part of a 10-month modernisation and conversion phase. A new safety concept was also devised between areas of occupational safety and the fire brigade to minimise hazards as well as to prevent fires and accidents.

MKM’s CEO Roland Haring officially handed over the new control centre to the MKM Fire Brigade today. The control centre handles all information concerning risks and their prevention, as well as coordinating all operations. “MKM now has a state-of-the-art control centre for the early detection of risks and for fire prevention", confirms Frank Lange, Deputy Head of the factory fire brigade. A fully-fledged personal alarm signal system (PNG) from Swissphone has been installed, which gives top priority to detecting emergency situations for lone workers. Acoustic devices mean that the appropriate buildings can be immediately evacuated. The fire brigade are instantly alerted of the onset of fire, minimising damage as well as possible production losses. The fire alarm systems have been fitted with a battery-buffered and monitored emergency power supply for added security in the event of a power failure.

To improve working conditions for the fire brigade staff, a new kitchen has been installed in addition to the modern system. The entire planning and execution stages of the 10-month renovation were realised by Spie/Fleischhauer, MKM’s in-house administration (Christoph Dammann) and local companies (incl. IAS, Bachran). A particular mention must be given to the great commitment and initiative of the factory fire watch department without whom such fast implementation would not have been possible. The head of the factory fire brigade’s station, Karl-Heinz Pelka, sums up: “Investing in the safety of the employees and the company is investing in the future.”

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