High end without end.
Our technologies.

In 1910, managers at MKM signed a courageous contract. They ordered a technology which had never been tried out before. They believed that a considerable and fast-growing market for large pieces of sheet metal would emerge in the steam railway and steam shipping industries. They were proven right – and that market has lasted ever since. The Wide Reverse Mill which they set up is still running today. Its innovative technology is still unmatched because it is the only machine able to handle the XXL requirements typical of industrial and mechanical engineering.

We have held to the principle of far-sighted investment ever since. MKM has invested more than €400 million since 1997. A high equity ratio of around 60 percent puts us on an extremely strong growth footing. Our far-sighted owner Hannam & Partners enables us to make comprehensive future investments. That way we can become even better.

Our aspiration is established and clearly formulated: High end without end.

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