MKM offers a comprehensive CU OFE range

MKM is now offering its customers a comprehensive Cu-OFE product portfolio, a high-purity, oxygen free copper that does not contain elements that can vaporise in a vacuum. Displaying very high levels of thermal and electrical conductivity, it also performs exceedingly well during hot and cold forming. Cu-OFE also excels in terms of its excellent corrosion resistance, particularly against atmospheric influences and water, and is insensitive to stress corrosion. With a purity level of 99.99%, this material is ideally suited for use in electrical engineering, the cable industry and vacuum engineering. MKM’s Cu-OFE product portfolio includes wire, strip, bar, tube and sheet product lines.

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About MKM:

MKM is a global technology leader for copper and brass semis. The company has invested more than EUR 400 million since 1997. As a unique manufacturer in the world, MKM offers wire, strips, tubes, rods and sheets from a single source. In the past year, MKM processed more than 260,000 tons with a workforce of some 1,200 employees. Approximately 1,000 customers from 60 countries spread across the globe rely on MKM. This positions MKM as the global leader in the electronics and construction industry, the solar sector, plant engineering, the automotive industry, as well as the aerospace sector and in telecommunications.